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Update and registration for the action and strategy conference in Kassel, 11.-13.01.2019

Dear climate justice movement in the German-speaking area!

We invite you to the action and strategy conference in Kassel from 11.-13.01.2019! Together, as a movement, we want to kick off the new year with as many people and groups as possible. We want to analyze where we stand, where we want to get in 2019 and what is needed for that. Please join us and let us move forward together!

Why this conference and what is it about?
In August 2018, a strategy conference of the German-speaking climate justice movement was held at the Climate Camp in the Rhineland. The exchange of ideas there was fruitful and therefore a follow-up-conference with a wider range of participants was agreed upon.

The topics of the conference are manifold. On different levels, we will look at how we can continue being strong together as a movement which has grown strongly in recent times. What do we need as a movement right now? Who is working on what? Which actions and events are planned? We want to make plans collectively. We want to reflect on what happened in 2018 and what we learn from that for 2019. We want to celebrate our successes and think about what we need to remain resistant. And last but not least, we want to see how to continue with these conferences.

Please register until January the 2nd of 2019!
For the organization of sleeping places, food, child care and translation it would be terrific for the preparation group if you could register for the conference until January the 2nd. You can do this here (sorry, only in German):

Of course you can participate if you haven’t registered. The registration is there to help us plan the conference.

When and where?
Friday 6pm until Sunday 3pm at the ESG and rooms of the university of Kassel

Our conference starts on Friday, 11th of January 2019 at 6pm with a shared meal in the rooms of ESG Kassel (Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Haus, Mönchebergstraße 29, 34125 Kassel). Besides the ESG we will be able to use several rooms of the University of Kassel, which are located only a few meters away. The opening plenary will take there at 7:30pm in the Campuscenter.

From the Mönchebergstraße a barrier-free access is possible to the hall, from where an elevator goes to the 1st floor, where the remaining rooms and barrier-free toilets are. The Campuscenter is also accessible with a wheelchair.

Sleeping places and food
We are trying to accommodate all participants in private rooms. For this it is very important to register. You can also organize a sleeping place for yourself in Kassel.

The Langstrumpfdrachen will be cooking vegan food for us from Friday evening until Sunday noon. The suggestion for donations is 15€ for the whole weekend. If you have special needs concerning food, please tell us via the registration form.

Child care
It is important to us that as many people as possible are able to participate, also if they are responsible for children. Therefore there will be child care during the “working hours” of the conference. The university of Kassel has a great play-room for children that we can use. The cooking team can make arrangements concerning the needs of children.

If you want to participate accompanied by children, please tell us via the registration form.

We also want to make the participation possible for people, who are not German-speaking. For this we are in need of your support. We will have technical tools for the translation (so-called “spiders”), but are need people who can translate.If you want translation or if you know people who require it, please inform us via the registration.

So far we hardly have any expenses for the conference and we are still looking for funds to cover travel costs. At best participation will be for free for everybody; if we are not able to provide for funding, you will have to cover your travelling expenses on your own. If you have problems paying for it by yourself, please contact us and we will look for a solution together!

The conference relies on everybody helping in making it happen. For child care and (whisper-)translation, it would be awesome if we knew beforehand that there are enough people who can take responsibility for the tasks. Therefore please inform us via the registration if you want to do one of these jobs.

The preparation crew is meeting on Thursday at 5pm in Kassel for a meeting. We’ll be happy if people join us in skipping, setting up and preparing!

We are looking forward to numerous registrations and are available for your questions at

We wish you a wonderful time in December and a happy new year!

Your preparation crew

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