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Tasks at the Camp

Actually you wanted to get involved in the preparation of the climate camp, but didn’t make it in time? Or are you coming to the Climate Camp for the first time and don’t even know how to get involved? At the moment there is a special demand for people for these tasks (you can find more tasks under camp life):

  • Supervising event technology: In order to ensure that all of the programme can run as smoothly as possible, you need people who take care of the sound technology, make sure that everything works and who can be contacted in the event of problems. If you already have experience with event technology – great! If not – just as well, there is at least one person with experience who knows the technology and likes to pass on his knowledge.
  • Childcare: So that people who come to the camp with children can also take part in the programme, we want to design a children’s tent with childcare again. Here it would be great if you could spend a few hours looking after the children or contribute something to the children’s programme.
  • Interpreting: You speak more than one language? No matter whether you are a professional interpreter, have some experience or just want to try out interpreting – interpreting equipment is available and your commitment is welcome. If you don’t (yet) want to do the interpreting yourself but would like to take part in the coordination, you can of course also contact us.

Just come to the information tent at the camp and find out where and when the respective camp groups meet.

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