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Date Arts program I

20.00 h

Arts programm II

20.00 h

Thu, 15.08 Setting up
Fr, 16.08
Sa, 17.08. Act Absurdum: Travens Death Ship
Su, 18.08.  –
Mo, 19.08. Book presentation/reading: Ecoterrorist – a youth novel about climate activism
Tue, 20.08. Concert Gacáyo (Reggae)
Wed, 21.08. Concert: Resistance Songs
Thu, 22.08. KonstanThyme is a singer/songwriter 20.30 Uhr: 10 Years Klimacamp Party
Fr, 23.08. Paneldiscussion Health & Climate Justice
 Sa, 24.08. Open Stage/Poetry
Su, 25.08.
Mo, 26.08 Dismantling
Tue, 27.08



Saturday, 17.08., 20 h


Act Absurdums current project “B. Travens Totenschiff” celebrated its premiere on 24 March 2018 at the KvU in Berlin and is now ready for new stages.
The play – based on the classic by B. Travens – is about a passportless sailor who wandered through Europe in the 1920s, where he was deported from one country to another, until he finally landed on a ship for the dead, which only sailed to sink and to break in an insurance premium for the company.
“The Ship of the Dead” was written almost a hundred years ago, but is more topical than ever due to the current geopolitical situation. It is about dehumanization in a world that follows the principle of state and borders and whose consequences are slavery and exploitation. B. Traven has analysed the interaction of these two sides with sharp-sightedness and humour, and he guides his sympathetically naïve antihero through the abysses of the capitalist-nationalist system without becoming sentimental, even with a certain bitter confidence.

Artist: Act Absurdum – Berliner Theater project –

Language: German


Monday, 19.08., 20 h

Book presentation/reading: Ecoterrorist – a youth novel about climate activism

Mika is a normal seventeen-year-old: she hates school, likes mango ice cream and wants to overthrow capitalism.
When the police wrongly search her house because she is suspected of having sabotaged Kerogreen machines, Mika bursts her neck. The energy company has obtained permission to drill for shale gas near the city and does not shy away from destroying the environment. Together with her friends Nova and Sana, Mika takes up the fight against the climate crisis, and the trio hatches creative actions to corner the industrial giant.

Artist: Ronan Winter

Language: German


Tuesday, 20.08., 20 h

“We want to move the people – body and soul!”

Guacáyo’s concerts will nourish your hearts, mend your souls and make your muscles go crazy on the dance floor. This St. Pauli (Hamburg) quartet like to, “be wild & spread love” and deliver all this on stage through a groovy reggae style planted on top of colorful beats with guitar solos and synth riffs.
The honeyed voice of the charming front woman Sophie ensures that Guacáyo’s infectious tunes are bursting with a longing for freedom. Guacáyo draws on an eclectic mix of musical influences to deliver their unique ‘reggae-pop’ sound that both questions life and celebrates it at the same time.

Artist: Guacáyo

Language: English


Wednesday, 21.08., 20 h

Persistence-building resistance songs on climate protection and other necessities

“Hambi remains” is just one of the many anti-fatalist support songs, which Gerd Schinkel has used in the past five years.
I’ve been writing for decades. Since 1976, for example, he has sung the “disaster response plan” to strengthen the anti-nuclear protest, and since the end of 2017 he has been writing more than 100 songs for the homeland and business model of RWE is responding to this trend, to support of forest dwellers, from end terrain, fridays for future, extinction rebellion and to defend against progressive development
to dismantle the rule of law and to trivialize right-wing populism, which is giving democracy the ground beneath its feet and pulls away.

Artist: Gerd Schinkel

Language: German


Thursday, 22.08., 20 Uhr

KonstanThyme – Singer/Songwriting

KonstanThyme is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Berlin. With different languages, he allows us to look into his intellectual world, shows us his heart and mind and how the two interact.

Artist: KonstanThyme

Language: Several languages


Saturday, 24.08., 20 h

Open Stage

The Open Stage creates a space for your creativity. Use it to be in the spotlight. Ask questions, express your feelings, make music, dance or let us hear your poetry. There are no limits to your creativity. We and the rest of the audience are looking forward to your contributions and talents!

To all artists: There is a registration list in the participation tent, please register there!

Artist: Everyone

Language: Several languages