Bicycles at the camp

Bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly and by far the greatest means of transport there is. Have you ever thought about travelling to the Klimacamp by bike? It’s definitely worth the effort!

If you would like to bring your bike to the camp, you are welcome to do so. At the camp itself, you will hardly need it. However, the region is a bit extensive, so bikes are sometimes a good choice for excursions or exploring the area – e.g. to one of the other KuLoKo locations. It does not hurt to bring your bike with you and can sometimes be quite practical.

Since certainly not everyone is able to travel with their bike, we would like to encourage you again to rent out the bikes you have brought with you. To do this, you can have a tape given to you at the camp with which you can mark the bikes that are available to everyone. So people without bicycles can borrow yours and bring it back after the trip. Of course, this requires a certain basis of trust, which we hope to be able to show each other at the camp.