Advertising and Trade

The Climate Camp sees itself as an anti-capitalist camp. It is a place to demonstrate and try out alternatives to the prevailing economic system. Unfortunately this isn’t possible everywhere, since we are a part of global capitalism as long as it exists. Just like the Climate Camp, many other structures on the left depend on collecting money. We want to support these structures with help of the camp, for example with campaigns of solidarity, political groups, leftist publishing houses and collectives. But we are far from taking on the appearance of a shopping centre.
The Climate Camp is not a election rally. That doesn’t mean that we want to exclude people who are members of a party, or that these people have to hide their membership. Many of the people participating in the camp are disappointed with the political system and show this very openly. We would like to see respectful interactions with one another. To ensure this we would like all participants of the Camp to hold back with all kinds of advertisements for their organisation, group, company, foundation or party, so that it doesn’t seem as if these would dominate the camp. Advertisements include flags, clothes, posters, banner, leaflets and other kinds of merchandise. We particularly would like creative and diverse banners to enrich the camp with political messages. On your own tents and in your on barrios you of course can show which group or organisation you belong to. There will be a place at the infopoint for your leaflets. We’d be pleased if these leaflets had the main purpose to inform others and not to find donors. If you are offering workshops, you can of course present and sell your materials such as books, flyers, banners and other material. If you also want to sell books or other materials, or want to construct a stand, you should write to the Climate Camp in advance.


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