Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and other mind-altering drugs
In many social spaces it is impossible to avoid the confrontation with either the consumption of drugs or people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. We would like to break out of this pattern in political contexts such as the climate camp and thus want to make drug-free areas possible. The proposal intends to keep many areas of the camp free from drugs. It would be great if everyone could respect that, so that everyone can feel comfortable and safe.
Still, there will be areas in which alcohol and other mind-altering drugs can be consumed, to not restrict people who want or have to consume them. We do not want to impose a general ban on all of you, but want to facilitate a space in which everyone can feel comfortable and -if possible- no one feels excluded. To be able to do this we need to question social norms and hegemonies.
In comparison to other drugs, alcohol consumption as an example is highly legitimised by society, and its consequences are often downplayed. Drinking alcohol can lower the inhibition threshold and increase aggressive behaviour towards oneself and others. Discriminatory behaviour and border violations are more likely to occur. Also, there are people who have had bad experiences with people under the influence and whose painful memories and/or acute feelings of anxiety might come up when confronted with drunk people or the strong smell of alcohol. Many of the aspects mentioned also apply to other mind-altering drugs.

Proposal on how to deal with alcohol and other mind-altering drugs at the camp
We propose that no alcohol nor other mind-altering drugs are consumed in the following areas, and also that people who already have had a drink or consumed other mind-altering drugs do not use them anymore:
·    eating area at daytime
·    tents for workshops/plenaries
·    tent for resting/yoga
·    Infotent
At the bar and the area surrounding it you can consume alcohol (for the exact location, take a look at the camp map at the infopoint). In all other areas not specifically mentioned here you should make sure that the consumption is actually okay for other people at the camp, and that it doesn’t get out of hand in general. We want to explicitely ask you to deal with other substances in such a responsible manner aswell.
You should do without smoking in all the tents and the eating area. In the open you can smoke, but please first ask the people around you whether they might feel disturbed by it. For some it is unbearable to even inhale smoke.
Despite (and also because of) different cultures of political action, we would like to suggest to refrain from consuming alcohol or other mind-altering substances during all actions. This way, everyone can keep a clear head during the action and when possibly getting into contact with the police.