Getting there

Please keep in mind that our transport is one of the main emissions of CO2. Therefore, low emission journeys such as train journeys or bicycle tours are of course to be preferred 🙂

Arrival by train

In any case you can book your train ticket until Erkelenz. We recommend the Bahn’s economy price finder. There you will be shown the cheapest connections – often you can get a ride from all over Germany for less than 20€ – have a look here. . Also for journeys from completely Europe there are here sometimes favorable offers here.

Also this summer there is again the summer ticket, which offers cheap and flexible tickets for people under 27 years (79 respectively 99€ for 4 (!) trips). This can be especially worthwhile if you are planning further trips this summer by train. You can find more information here.

There is also the “Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket”. If you are travelling with 5 people it would be 15.20€ per person. Within NRW the “SchönerTagTicket” costs 9,20€. Of course you have to buy the train tickets directly at the train station. Inform yourselves nevertheless simply times about the most favorable tickets 🙂

From Erkelenz train station the camp will be reachable within 5 km walking distance or local bus (Mo-Fr).

Arrival by bike

Have you ever taken a bike ride? If so, you probably already know everything 🙂 If not: try it out!

There is hardly a more environmentally friendly way to travel than cycling. In addition, the cycling infrastructure network is growing incredibly throughout Germany, making it more and more pleasant to travel longer distances by bike. To plan your cycling route, the following route planner can be useful:

And if you don’t want to travel alone, have a look if the bike tour from Kohle erSetzen! is on your way:

So you can get to know great people even before the camp and certainly get into conversation with many people.

Having your bike with you at the camp can also be quite practical. You can find more information here.

Arrival by hitchhiker

Some people hardly believe it, but in Germany you can actually travel very well by hitchhiking. Erkelenz is close to the A46, and is only about 30 minutes away from Cologne or Düsseldorf. So if you want to hitchhike from far away, write these two cities on your sign. Very useful information about hitchhiking can be found here.

Arrival by car or carpool

If you travel by car and still have places available, consider offering them as a lift. We have registered the Klimacamp in the Rhineland as a destination at for this purpose. Here you can find and network car drivers and people looking for a car 🙂

There will be parking lots near the camp. Please be careful not to park the access road to the camp and not to drive onto the camp area itself. Further information will be given in the info tent.

If you plan to arrive with your campervan/caravan/sleeping car, this is of course possible. There is an area at the edge of the campsite which is intended for this purpose. However, as this year’s camping area is very limited and camper cars unfortunately need a lot of space, we ask you to always park in a space-saving way and move a little closer together. If the camp area fills up, we may also ask you to switch to an additional camp area. Please understand 🙂 .