Getting there

A quick note in advance: please familiarize yourself with our Corona concept before you arrive so that we can all enjoy a safe and relaxed camp.


This year’s Climate Camp in the Rhineland will take place in Lützerath. We were last there with the camp in 2016 – and it’s scary how the place has changed! Now it is located directly at the open pit lignite mine Garzweiler and most of the houses and farms have already been demolished… It is still beautiful there, come and see for yourself!

… with public transport

Since the villages around the open pit mine are to be demolished according to RWE and the state government, the connection by bus and train is unfortunately not very good. But this is not the only reason why it is recommended to bring a bicycle; the other venues of kultur-ohne-kohle can be easily reached by bike from Lützerath!

… by bike

The nearest train station is in Hochneukirch, where regional trains and suburban trains from the larger cities of NRW stop. From there it is about 9 km by bike (or sporty on foot): Route

… on foot

Alternatively, bus EK1 to Keyenberg or bus EK3 to Holzweiler, which are the neighboring villages of Lützerath, leave from Erkelenz station. From there, the walk is then not so long.

… by car

Please think carefully if you really want to come with a car! There are almost no parking spaces directly at the camp. We recommend hitchhiking or at least (corona compliant) carpooling – this will not only reduce the parking stress on site but also the ecological footprint.
If you want to come with a camper or caravan, we recommend the caravan sites of the Kultur-Ohne-Kohle in Keyenberg, there is more space and firmer ground than at our camp.
If your navigation system does not know the village Lützerath, try Holzweiler or Keyenberg. Attention, the road L277 from Keyenberg to Lützerath does not exist anymore (was torn down by RWE last year), you have to take a detour: In Keyenberg turn left to Holzweiler. If you come from the south via the Jackerath intersection, you won’t have this problem.
And don’t be surprised: Lützerath is a very small village, you need neither street nor house number. Have a good trip!