The Quiet tent

Throughout the day our senses are directed at the outside of the climate camp: The intensive impressions and many people in the camp are a challenge for all of us.

The quiet tent invites you to recharge in a quiet place. It should also be a retreat space for people with special ways of perceiving things, introverts and people with physical or mental disabilities.

You can simply lie down and breathe deeply, eat in peace, read something, write or draw or pursue other tranquil pursuits. There’s an open bookshelf for borrowing and lending, and some material for colouring. Yoga and meditation will take place at certain times. Times for common reading are also planned, to which you can bring to your reading material of all kinds.

The current program in the peace tent can be found at the entrance of the tent and in the info tent.

Do you have own ideas for relaxing, crafts, writing, or anything else? Then take part: Hang up a posting in the tent or ask at the info tent!