Legal Team

You can now read and download the new legal aid manual by the legal team for all. It is also available in German.  The manual is focussed on the climate justice movement and takes into account the laws of the german federal state of Northrhine-Westfalia. Not every detail is applicable to other parts of Germany.

The “Legal Team for All“ is the anti-repression group that will be working with and for all of you during the whole time of the actions (and camps) in the Rhineland. We are people who have experience in the area of legal consequences and thought about what might happen this summer beforehand. We want to provide you with information about possible consequences of different actions, and we want to be at your side with support and counselling during and also after the action days. To be able to support you, we are also in contact with lay defenders, lawyers working with us in solidarity and other people and structures supporting us. We speak German and English and will do our best to make our counselling hours and the helpline available in other languages aswell.

Before the actions
You can find us at all camps; we‘ll also have a legal tent at the climate camp. There you can inquire about legal topics and get advice. We will also offer workshops on different topics: legal basics, contact with the police, declarations to cease and desist (civil law) and an open room to share experiences of repression. You can also come to us as an affinity group to get advice. Just come around! We will have fixed hours for counselling at the Climate Camp aswell as the Connecting Movements Camp and the Camp for [Future]. The hours will be posted at the camps. We prepared an updated and detailed booklet about criminal law, civil law, the issue of stating personal data and a lot more. It will explain the bigger picture of the legal structures in our context and show many different options on how to act.

During the actions
We will be working as the legal team throughout the camps and actions. You can call us day and night. You can find our phone number at our tent or at the info point. If you witness violence, someone being taken into custody or other harassment by the police, please tell the legal team! If you yourself are being arrested, please call the legal team from the police station. You have the right to make two phone calls, and we‘d like you to use one of them to contact us. Please also contact us once your are free again!
Important: Don‘t give a testimony and don‘t sign anything at the police station!

After the actions
We will be organizing the legal follow-up work of the actions. Please write to if you receive a letter from the police, the state prosecutor or RWE. Our work relies on the principle to provide you with all information we have, to show you all different options and to try to give risk assessments. We want to enable you and your affinity groups to be able to make well informed decisions for yourselves and your actions.

Repression wants to isolate and intimidate you – which is why we show solidarity! Noone is left alone!