COVID-19 Protection and Hygiene Concept 2022

1. Arrival only tested AND vaccinated
  • Be sure to test at home before departure. Please do not risk to be in quarantine in Lützerath unnecessarily, the capacities are limited.
  • Come vaccinated/boostered
2. Wear FFP-2 mask
  • Outside everywhere where no distance (1.5 m) is possible, especially food queue and food counter
  • indoors and tents where you are with other people, no matter what the distance is
  • please bring several of your own FFP-2 masks, in case of emergency there is a limited supply at the Infopoint/Sanis/Küfa
3. Ventilation
  • If you have stayed in a collectively used room, sat inside alone for a longer time or are inside with many, air out (e.g. every 20 minutes for 5 minutes).
4. Affinity Groups
  • Form solid small reference groups when you share your sleeping spaces.
5. Regular testing
  • More frequent rapid testing opportunities for all are in the works.
  • Feel free to bring tests and store them in a warm place (e.g. in the WG). Please do not use tests that are stored too cold (frequent false positive results that cause us a lot of stress).
6. Suspected cases
  • in case of fever or positive test please do not travel
  • in case of positive test in Lützerath or 10 days after departure please contact us by th phone number below
7. Desinfection & Hygiene
  • Wash and disinfect hands regularly.
  • disinfect hands before serving meals, washing up or eating

Disinfectant is available at the wash stations, restrooms, and at the food bank

Let’s take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together!

Telephone autonomous health department Lützerath:

+49 151 29743392

So far we have had very few individual Covid cases. To keep it that way in the next wave, we have set up this number for people to organize contact tracing, PCR testing and quarantine. If you have a positive rapid test in Lützerath or test positive after departure, please be sure to let us know here.