The educational and cultural program at the Climate Camp will be organized this year largely within the framework of Culture-Without-Coal.
There will be an extensive and exciting educational program at the camp from 09.08.2021, which will build on each other and cover the topics “Critique – Utopia – Transformation – Connecting Struggles – Networking”. Registration for this is not required, but if there is too much of a crowd on site, we may have to restrict entry to the workshop tents due to Corona.
Overviews of the program of the Kultur-ohne-Kohle can be found here

Not all of the events will take place at the Climate Camp, but also in the surrounding villages, but are easily accessible by foot or bicycle. The main stage of the Kultur-Ohne-Kohle is not on the climate camp itself, but about 100m next to it.
On the climate camp workshops and skillshares will take place in Open Space, i.e. self-organized workshops can be announced and carried out spontaneously on site. More information about the Open Space can be found here.

At the Climate Camp and at certain places of the Kuloko there will be child-friendly places with toys, trampolines, child-friendly toilets in the vicinity to entertain young people.

Children’s Program

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide separate childcare this year. However, we will set up a children’s AG on site to assist with childcare. In any case, a tent and toys will be available. In cooperation with the Culture Without Coal Festival, we will communicate childcare times at short notice. If you have any special needs or would like to get involved in the coordination of the children’s programme in advance, please write to us!

From 13-15 August, the Utopia Machine will also be with us in the children’s area. Not only young people are invited to give free rein to their utopias!