Tent of Life

The climate justice movement and the left movement are strongly influenced by a cognitive and rational way of thinking and acting. The individual and collective confrontation with emotions and perceptual patterns as well as human-nature relationships as causes and solutions of the global crisis often do not get the space they deserve, or are judged with skepticism. However, in times of growing global challenges of an ecological and social nature, a fundamental change of values and a new conception of the world is needed, which go beyond rational arguments – away from the industrial growth paradigm and the myth of a division between humans and nature, to a perception of human beings as an integral part of the earth’s natural life system and an intuitive respect for planetary boundaries.

With the Tent of Life, we want to give exactly these processes a secure framework at the Climate Camp and want to involve them more strongly in the discourse on a social-ecological transformation. We want to bring together head, heart and hand to shape a holistic and sustainable change together.

To this end, various workshops will be offered, focusing on a spectrum of inner visions and emotions, deep ecology, sustainable activism and the exploration of perceptual patterns. These programme points are embedded in an open space for yoga and meditation.