From August 24-28, 2022, the Climate Camp X Lützerath will take place in the Rhenish lignite mining area!

Before we provide you with details and information about our camp, we would like to draw your attention to a topic that is particularly close to our hearts: Discrimination has no place at Klimacamp X Lützerath and we reject it in any form. At the same time, a discrimination-free place is an absolute utopia according […]

Klimacamp goes KulOKo – second preparatory meeting for the Climate Camp 2021 (5.-7.3.2021, online)

The climate camp will take place this year in cooperation with KulOKo (Culture Without Coal, The KulOKo wants to revive the threatened villages in the Rhineland with a lot of art, culture and activism to show what this region has to offer beyond coal and destruction. We will be a part of this and […]

First preparatory meeting for the Climate Camp in the Rhineland 2021 (5.-7.2.2021, online)

A new year has begun and we are getting started again… After we had to cancel last year’s climate camp, we are even more eager to create a wonderful space for networking, education, utopias and actions again. For this we need many people in the organizing team! Do you want to help organizing this year’s […]


Utopias for system change


Ende Gelände, Zucker im Tank, Red Lines, rePlace Coal and more


The camp connects people and movements.


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The 2018 Climate Camp took place from 11th till 22nd of August. We built up the camp together, had networking, education, arts and actions… and we tried out tomorrow’s society – social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy. 2018’s camp was smaller and less action-orientated than 2017’s. In our debates we focussed on the future of the Rhenish lignite region and on reflecting the practices, structures and strategies of the climate justice movement. And at the end we took the camp down together, too.

You can get a good idea of the camp by checking out our photos. There’s also more information on the German site.

What’s the Climate Camp?

Climate Camps are the heart of the climate movement. Just like at other Climate Camps, in the Rhineland we…

  • live alternatives together: anti-authoritarian self-organisation, our own energy supply, compost toilets, music and much more!
  • create networks. At the camp it’s not only people who meet, but also movements.
  • educate ourselves. There are courses, workshops, open space, panel discussions, spaces and events for children and teenagers, and a cultural programme. We deal with a diverse range of topics, from theoretical analysis of climate change to practical stuff like building a windmill.
  • develop actions. There have always been actions protesting against coal over the last few years at the Climate Camp. In 2015 Ende Gelände took place here, 2016 the action lab was our guest and in 2017 there were many different actions as part of the Action Days in the Rhineland.

Why in the Rhineland?

Every year since 2010 a Climate Camp has taken place in the Rhenish lignite mining area. This coal field is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in all of Europe. Still people are forced to resettle and villages and landscapes are destroyed, all for coal mining. In addition to the Climate Camps, the Hambach Forest has been occupied since 2012. In 2015, the action “Ende Gelaende“ was a peak of the climate movement: more than a thousand people occupied a coal mine for one day. With more than 3000 participants, the 2017 camp was the biggest to date in the Rhineland. At the same time the connections to the neighbours aswell as the coal workers were deepened. This can hopefully contribute to kicking off a wide debate on the future of the region.

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