Structures for Change!

Structures Skill Sharing at the Rhineland Climate Camp

15. – 17. August 2018
If we want climate justice to become reality, we need to not only do more actions, act faster and better, but also: reflect upon how we do it. This is why at the last Climate Justice Action (CJA) meeting in January we decided to organise a structure meeting: We invite climate justice groups from different places to join us, to ask questions, discuss and find answers:

How can our groups grow bigger? How to be inclusive and transparent? How do we take decisions? What are different experiences concerning decentralised decision making, consensus, etc. in small and big groups? Why do people leave our groups? Are we too complex, too time-consuming? Do we exclude people with children? How do we solve conflicts? How do we care for each other and ourselves? Is the care work visible and appreciated?

We are still looking for people to help us prepare and/or who want to give workshops on related topics!
Please contact: