Corona Hygiene Concept

Climate camp despite Corona pandemic?! – To ensure the safest possible participation for everyone, we are implementing a comprehensive hygiene concept for Corona infection protection.
Basically, the Corona concept of Culture-Without-Carbon Festival also applies to us, but we have a few additional rules to accommodate the fact that more people will be living together at the Climate Camp for several days.

Our concept is based on three pillars

  • responsible and solidary interaction with each other
  • self-organization according to clear rules
  • specific measures: regular testing, affinity groups, masks, distance, hygiene and tracking

We take the acute dangers, especially of viral mutations, very seriously and consider protective measures sensible and necessary. Therefore, we go beyond current legal regulations where we consider it necessary.

We ask all participants of the climate camp to familiarize themselves with our Corona hygiene concept in advance:

  • Get tested before arrival
  • Wear a wristband
  • Get tested regularly on site
  • Form affinity groups
  • Keep distance
  • Wear a mask
  • Trace back
  • Pay attention to social address
  • Implement hygiene, surface disinfection and ventilation
  • Respond to suspected and positive cases


1. Get tested before arrival

We ask ALL to be tested for Covid-19 by trained personnel just prior to arrival.

Please bring the negative result from a testing center or pharmacy no older than 48 hours. Please do not bring results from self-tests.

We also ask those who have already been vaccinated or recovered to bring a negative test result. Even with vaccinated persons, virus transmission cannot be completely ruled out. In addition, we would like to have solidarity with people who have not (yet) been vaccinated.

We ask everyone to arrive already in their affinity group (in the sense of an infection community) if possible.

We ask people with Corona symptoms not to come, even if a negative test result is available. The same applies to people who test positive (both PCR and rapid test).


2. Wear a wristband

All camp participants and guests will receive our fancy little camp wristband upon arrival at our welcome tent and upon presentation of the negative test result. At this time we will also explain our Corona hygiene concept.
Every two days we will change the color of the wristband. Upon presentation of a current negative test result, we will hand out another wristband with the changed color. This will allow everyone to quickly show their test status and determine when a retest is needed.
If you notice symptoms or are unsure, you can also test more often.


3. Wear mask/mouth/nose protection

Medical masks must be worn outside of the private tents. For safety reasons, we recommend using FFP2 masks or equivalent.

We will also have a limited supply of these masks on site for emergencies. Please remember to bring several masks for yourselves so that they can be changed.

If you can, feel free to bring a few more FFP2 masks for other people in solidarity. Again, we are very happy about donations.

Solidary mumming along: We also ask vaccinated people to wear a mask.


4. Get tested regularly on site

We ask that people get tested for Covid-19 every two days.

On-site professional rapid testing:
As part of the “Culture without Coal” (Kuloko) festival, there will be two mobile testing stations, in Keyenberg and also at our site in Lützerath.

We have an emergency stock of self-tests, which we store according to the required storage regulations. However, we ask you to use this facility only in case of emergency. We would like to reserve in-stock tests in solidarity with people who have no other way to get tested.

Testing facilities in the area:

Solidarity Testing:
Fully vaccinated people should be treated as if they had presented a negative test. Nevertheless, we would like these people to test every two days as well. Even with vaccinated people, virus transmission cannot be completely ruled out and we wish to counteract a “two-class society” with this measure.


5. Form affinity groups

We ask all participants of the climate camp to arrive in fixed affinity groups of max. 10 people. These affinity groups should remain among themselves as much as possible. The affinity group functions – as far as possible – as an infection control group as well as a working group: Only people in an affinity group should eat together without a mask, do the dishes, help in the kitchen, sleep in private tents, take on night shifts, etc.

For people who arrive without an affinity group, there is an opportunity to participate in an affinity group finding session at the camp.


6. Keep distance

We keep a minimum solidarity distance of 1.5 meters from other people who are not part of our own affinity group. In the big tents and in queues please keep the minimum distance as well, appropriate markings are provided.


7. Tracking

At workshops and events, participants enter their contact details (e-mail address, telephone number) in lists. These data are stored by us until three weeks after the end of the camp protected. In the event of an infection, we can thus track whether you have been in the vicinity of an infected person and notify you.
We will immediately notify all contacts so that a PCR test can be done. Please watch for messages from us after the camp using the contact method provided.
We ask all participants to be retested for Covid-19 as soon as possible after their departure from the camp and refer them to the free testing options. Contact us immediately if you test positive within two days of your return. We can be reached at:


8. Pay attention to social approaches

When mobilizing through notices, announcements, and signs, we will remind each other to adhere to the hygiene policy. We will remind each other to comply with the Corona measures.

Our hygiene concept will of course be available at the camp. During workshops, concerts and lectures the moderator will point out the adherence to the hygiene concept.


9. Implement hygiene, surface disinfection and ventilation

We will provide sufficient hand washing stations and disinfection stations. We ask all participants to use these facilities frequently and also to keep their distance when doing so. All surfaces in the camp as well as pens, megaphones, telephones and other communal items will be disinfected regularly or after each use. Toilets, door handles and washing facilities will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

We ask that you participate in the cleaning shifts with your affinity groups. Our hygiene concept only works if everyone participates.

The communal tents are equipped with wide openings for good ventilation. Ventilation is provided everywhere. Exhibitions or information areas for the public are separated from the areas where people stay.


10. Respond to suspected cases and positive cases.

People who test positive (both PCR and rapid test) should not come on camp.

If a person receives a positive rapid test result during their stay at camp, a PCR test by a physician should follow immediately. We will assist each other in finding a testing facility nearby.

If the PCR test is positive, please contact us at:
As far as possible, contact persons will be registered on site and informed by us.

At the KCR, there will be a small isolation area for people who have no other option to isolate themselves in case of a positive rapid test at the camp, until further testing options or a safe journey home is organized.

Travel home for infected or quarantined participants is the individual’s responsibility. For the journey home, the advice of the health department or the medical emergency service applies. But: We try to support in case of need, for example by providing drivers and cars to enable the transport to a test and possibly also home. This becomes more and more difficult with longer distances and can by no means be guaranteed. Therefore, we ask for the assistance of all involved.