Climate justice action days on the Climate Camp in Rhineland (Germany) from 15th to 27th of August 2019

As the Climate Camp in Rhineland is going to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary, we’re going to congratulate with a bunch of actions for climate justice.

Although our movement has gained a lot of visibility and strength in the last years, we are still facing repression, roll-backs and inactivity from politics, economy and society. This shows us that it is still necessary and as urgent as ever to get active now for the villages facing eviction, for systemchange and climate justice worldwide.

We would like to have different forms (or “levels”) of actions that are organized from the people at the camp or start at the camp. We want  to present the diversity of actions necessary to turn the tides and try to adress different target groups. We who organize this year’s camp focus on three topics in particular: “Actions for local and global energy struggles”, “selforganization” and “awareness raising for different forms of discrimination”.
Therefore we invite both small and big groups or individuals to participate in the Climate Camp, in order to illustrate a huge variety of actions and to open the room for selforganization. We are eager to see what the people are going to start together! (e. g. demonstrations, bike tours, art performances,…)

*Just come to the camp and get started — or contact us beforehand*
Depending on what’s already in your mind, you can either just come to the Climate Camp or communicate your ideas with us in the next weeks. We like to plan stuff, but we are just as happy if things pop up spontaneously.