Camp life

The Climate Camp sees itself as a self-organized, grassroots democratic camp trying to achieve the least possible hierarchies. To make camp life work there are many structures which are supposed to help us to, on the one hand, distribute the work well between different people, and on the other hand to organize the communication and necessary decisions with as little hierarchy as possible.

With the beginning of the climate camp we (as the preparation group) want to dissolve our working groups, so that the camp organizes itself independently also in the area of work distribution. All activities will be divided among the newly formed camp groups, which will organize themselves as autonomous as possible and will carry out their tasks.

The camp groups may include, for example, public relations, the program, moderation, children’s tent, information tent, water, toilet/hygiene, logistics/mobility, awareness, garbage, camp protection, radio, kiosk, bar, interpreting, legal team, camp tours. Of course, you are also welcome to start other camp groups on the camp!

The camp groups should be organized as low-threshold as possible and should pass on existing knowledge so that new people can get involved at any time. There will be buttons which serve to pass on knowledge. These can be individually designed by all camp groups. The wearers of buttons signal that they are willing and able to pass on knowledge about the respective camp groups. The buttons can and should be worn by changing people and – very important – can and should also be taken off.

Communication and decision-making structures

We want to organize ourselves in different groups, so that all people can participate in the climate camp. The camp groups primarily serve for the organization of work, while affinity groups serve primarily the emotional exchange. Of course, it is also possible that the camp group is at the same time your affinity group.

The delegates council is the central decision-making body for the entire camp. Delegates from the camp groups, from affinity groups, from other structures, or individuals meet every day between 17:30 and 18:30 in the delegates council.

In this meeting, important information is passed on, discussed, and decisions are made by consensus. Information about the content of the meeting returns through the delegates back to the camp groups, affinity groups, etc. The minutes of the council will also be available for everyone in the info tent.

For more information on the daily structure of the camp see here.