Structured Programme


We invite you to the Klimacamp Rhineland 2019 from August 15th to 27th!

Together we want to create a space for utopias, create networks within the climate justice movement and to the outside world, grow, learn from each other and fight for alternative concepts and structural change.
It is important to us that the Klimacamp provides a space for everyone. A fundamental principle is therefore self-organisation. Everyone should feel comfortable at the camp and be able to contribute. Because the camp lives from your contribution and participation.

On the first days of the camp, the camp structures will be set up jointly by everyone. The end is the common dismantling. Even the programme will be developed in a participatory way. In Open Spaces – spontaneous workshop and exchange rounds offered at the camp – everyone can contribute their questions, topics, knowledge and skills and create a place of trial and error and self-organized learning. The offers thus reflect the diversity of the participants. For we are all experts.

This year’s camp is based on three main topics:

– Self-organisation
– Raising awareness for different forms of discrimination
– Actions & exchange around global and local energy struggles

In addition to the Open Spaces, which will be created at the camp, there will be impulse talks and a planned cultural programme. The daily 20-minute impulse talks will open the day thematically. In the evening there is room for concerts, film evenings, theatre, acrobatics or other creative activities. Let your fantasy flow freely.

If you would like to give a talk, organize a thematic exhibition or participate in the cultural program, please write us about your idea, what you need for your offer and if you have a desired date at Program-2019-kc-rheinland [at]
We look forward to living utopias with you!