Open Space

With a lot of space for “Open Space” at the camp, we want to contribute to creating a place of experimentation, self-empowerment and self-organized learning. Because for a strong movement for climate justice, it is very important for various reasons that the knowledge and skills do not only lie with a few!

Open Spaces are spontaneous workshop and sharing sessions offered by camp participants at the camp. This is a format through which all participants on site have the opportunity to get involved in the program design themselves. The offerings thus reflect the diversity of the participants.

It is very important that we do not have to be an expert in the field we want to work on. Also the desire to exchange with other people about a topic we have not yet dealt with much is a good reason to propose a workshop.

This way, everyone can discuss and share their questions, interests, experiences and knowledge. Knowledge hierarchies are made visible and broken down.

An Open Space is based on six principles:

  • “Those who are there are exactly the right ones.”
  • “Whatever happens: It is the only right thing that could happen.”
  • “It starts when the time is right.”
  • “Over is over – not over is not over.”
  • “Everyone is here on their own responsibility and by their own free will. (The law of two feet)”
  • “Eyes open, surprises are always to be expected.”

You can find out exactly how the organization of the Open Space program works at the camp at the information and participation tent. Actually, it is quite simple: You write down what you want to do, choose a time and a free tent, make a notice and come together with all interested people – and off you go!