…and what about the money?!

Climate Camp finances
Part of the climate camp organization is a finances working group. They requested funds in advance, is monitoring the budgets of the other working groups and is handling all money transactions. At the deadline of this booklet, the foundations supporting the climate camp weren’t certain yet.


Camp contribution
Lack of money should not prevent anyone from taking part in the climate camp, the actions, or our political struggle in general. That’s why there is no fixed camp contribution, but there will be a recommended donation, which you’ll be able to find at the Information-Desk (if you have already donated during the summer school registration, that’s enough. If you want to donate more, then great ;)) The idea is: Everyone gives as much as they can. If it is double the amount – great! If it is nothing that’s also good. The important thing is that everyone can participate in the camp and in the movement. We will keep you informed on the camp with a donations barometer as to how much money we have and how much we still need.


Tasty food
This year our friends from Rampenplan will cook for us again. They provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. From experience they need 7 Euro / day per person which they can collect in the kitchen – again, that is a suggestion.


There will be a couple of finance contact people at the camp. They will introduce themselves during the camp plenary. You can contact us directly if you have any questions relating to finances.


You are welcome to donate for the climate camp:

Account holder:  Comm e.V.
IBAN:    DE45 4306 0967 2030 4204 01
Bank:    GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Reason for payment: Klimacamp im Rheinland