8 thoughts on “Find a ride

  1. hello!! I need one place in your car o maybe in you heart , and you and me we will be go join!
    I will be go 14 or 15 august.

  2. Hi! we are two girls comming from Denmark. We arrive the 22 at 21:00 pm to Erkelenz! Someone can give us a ride?

  3. Hey Ho!
    I arrive at Erkelenz at 1 p.M. is somebody going to the camp.
    Would be nicer to have a companion 😉

  4. Hello!

    We are looking (2) for a ride from Berlin to the Klimacamp on the 19.8? Somebody? We can split the fuel money or something alike. Cheers! 🙂

    J & N


    wir suchen für 2 Personen am 19.8. eine MFG zum Klimacamp oder gerne auch
    nach Köln. Hat jemensch noch Platz im Auto und Interesse an einer
    geselligen Fahrt? Wir würden uns am Sprit beteiligen oder auch gerne andere
    Spenden geben 🙂

    J & N

  5. Looking for a ride from Berlin on the 19th Aug! Happy to help out with petrol and provide good company 🙂

  6. Ride from Berlin on the 17th of Aug.

    Hello there,
    I will join the Degrowth camp which will take place between 18-23. So I’m planning to arrive there on the 17th late. If someone is travailing from Berlin there, I can at least share with them the costs…. I will try also to make some food for the go 😀



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