Please bring

Please bring to the camp:

  • Tent, inflatable mattress, sleeping bag
  • Please bring something that can be used as a radio (smartphone with radio function, radio-receiver,…) and headphones to listen to interpretation during plenaries etc. with multiple languages.
  • If possible your bike, so you can easily travel from place to place! The territory is vast, busses are rare and we might have creative, perhaps decentralised solutions for the camp area!
  • Cash for the camp’s costs and for donations for the food
  • If you have something like this: a pavilion or canvas to provide shade.
  • Old clothes, good books, or other useful stuff you no longer need. At the information booth there’s a clothing swap and a reading corner.
  • You know what else to bring.

For the actions, please also check Ende Gelände’s list of things to bring!