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Kids space

Social-political commitment time is difficult to organize for many people with children. That is why we want to create solidarity structures for child care at the climate camp. Children with special needs are of course also welcome! There will be a kids tent with games, books and crafts stuff, and a giant trampoline outside. We would be pleased if you also bring materials!

The people of our Kids’ Club are preparing some in advance and have learned from the experiences of recent years. We want to make agreements and together ensure that the kids feel happy to remain with others – and that the carers feel up to the task. Is important to us that everyone who is interested in childcare jointly set this up with us. You can find us under

Children and youth program

In the children’s program, we want to experiment with ‘Skills for System Change’ and have with lots of fun together with adults. There will be at least one special activity for children each day. We plan wilderness adventures and dance, theater, rock climbing, and more – and are open to suggestions from you! We see such experiences as an essential part of education for the social ecological transformation rather than as mere ‘entertainment’. And because the adults also need these skills, we hope that the children’s program is an inspiration for the whole camp!**.


Workshop for young people: Discrimination – what’s that all about?

Dealing with prejudices, stereotypes and cliches in everyday youth

For young people aged 12-16 years

How does stereotyping become prejudice and when doe discrimination begin? What are the symptoms of discrimination in everyday life – in me and around me? How can we recognise, understand and avoid this? And how can the theme be anchored sensitively in schools and free time, an openness for all to live and not to accidentally exclude anyone? With a variety of inputs and interactive exercises, this workshop would like to raise awareness of the different faces of discrimination and give room to work together to see what the conscious handling of young people can look like.

*Teacher:* Andrea-Vicky Amankwaa Birago, freelance consultant for diversity, non-discrimination and intercultural opening for ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL, UNESCO, Hamburg Institute for intercultural education, Volkshochschule Hamburg, etc.

* Languages: * English, German, French
Registration required * 17 August 2016 under<></>

Program for kids and the kids tent

The idea behind this

We organise self-governing childcare during the courses and workshops, so that parents and other caregivers of children can participate in the adult program while there will be an extra program for children. We see this as a statement:
– Social-political commitment time is difficult to organize for many people with children.
We want solidarity structures for childcare at the Climate Camp and so we want to create space for commitment AND children. Finally, yes the good life should (still) apply for their generation.
– Social change must take place across generations.
The (very) small may not be excluded here.
Also for children and young people the Climate Camp can and should be a place of learning, of meeting up, of joy and of trying out new things.

Join us in the Kids tent! (see below)

How does it work?
Kids tent
The central focal point for children, caregivers and the care team is the Kids tent, which is accessible at all times. Equipped with beautiful books, building blocks, painting materials, Playmobil, balls, a nappy changing table, a kettle, sofas, rugs, straw, benches, tables, and more for a nice stay, play and meeting place for small and large alike. Again, in an outlying area there will be a large trampoline and swimming pool like in previous years.

Come along and chat to the “colourful hat”!
The person with the hat

For every day or half a day there will be a person in charge of the kids tent (and also really wearing a colourful hat). This person greets new arrivals, is approachable for questions, wishes and care support, and keeps an extra eye on the whole area.

Kids Program
In the children’s program we want to experiment with the ‘skills for system change’ playfully and with lots of fun, preferably even at a common activity or a workshop with adults. Every day there will be a special activity for children above all in the afternoon for dance, theater, painting, wilderness, adventure and more… Watch out for news on the notice boards at the kids tent and at the info tent.
Three program days have already been fixed before the deadline for this booklet:

22.08 Monday: Wilderness education day:
Playfully we will discover the nature and wild places surrounding the camp, for children aged 4-12.
In doing so, we will learn what plants and animals live there, as well as the influence of people on this and the surroundings. Whether we build a giant marble run together, play hide and seek, or decide when researchers with magnifying glasses explore the environment – it all depends on of the local facilities.

Tuesday, 23.08 Theatre Day: Watch theater, experience, play with, invent and share.

An event for all people from 3 years by Sonja (
Together we will think of stories and characters and represent them with masks and other theatrical forms. People of all ages can join in. Isabell Marie Popescu and Sonja Ewald will accompany the day with theatre pedagogy.

Wednesday 24.08 climbing basics:
Whether it’s occupying rees, hanging banners or rail blockades, climbing is a popular form of action in the climate justice movement. Under competent guidance, there will be the possibility for all children from 6 to try climbing in trees. We will provide all the material needed to the children.
It will be pretty exciting.

Registration is not a prerequisite, but anyone coming with children who informs us in advance by mail helps us to get a better overview of how many children we can expect and can clarify special wishes, needs and issues in advance:

We look forward to meeting you!

Helpers and contributors wanted
–  We are looking for more people who want to help with childcare, or even put on the hat during (half) a day. Just come by if you’re interested!
– Also those who would like to offer something for the children’s program, get in touch by e-mail ( with the the kids tent.

– We would be pleased if you also bring games/materials!

A community design, with children, caregivers, and those who have volunteered for childcare or spontaneously engaging is important to us.

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  1. Hello , my name is Elena , im a mum with two kids Ines 7 and Bruno 5 . Im from Spain bur we live here in Berlin since 6 years .Im so interested in to take part of this beautiful project and go with my kids. I can also help to taking shifts during the camp with all the kids . I can make some workshop with them ,crafts with recycled materials , backed , ceramic , coking etc .
    im looking forward to have news soon as soon as posible for to plan everything well.

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