RWE is scared of us!

RWE and their faithful supporters, the police, are trying to prevent the climate camp. They put so much pressure on the farmers who wanted to host us on their land, that those were not able to hold out. So the camp cannot take place where we thought it would take place. We are currently negotiating […]

News about the space of the Camp

There was some commotion around the location for the climate camp in the past couple of days. RWE used all means to put land owners and tenants under pressure with the result that the space we had counted on is not available any more. Once again this shows, that the climate camp is a thorne […]

More space for the camp!

Now it’s official: apart from the vegetable farm in Borschemich we have two more areas to set up the camp. There is a house in the same village where we can hold workshops. And in the neighbouring village, a resident offered us a huge field. This is amazing, because it means we have a lot […]