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The climate camp’s organizing group is looking for support!

Dear all,

Against all rumours that there would be no climate camp in the Rhineland this year, we officially and proudly declare: Of course there will be a climate camp, and to be exact, it will take place from August 11-22!

This year we have special focuses: For one, we want to take a moment to reflect on our strategies and structures as the climate movement. Where do we currently stand in the struggle against coal mining and climate justice, and how can we reach these goals?

And we want to look into the future – what is going to happen in the Rhineland mining region with and after a coal exit. We are networking with the people living and working at the mines and want to grow stronger connections with the local resistance against destruction and climate chaos.

Reflecting on and changing our structures to us also means finding ways to climb out of the pitfalls of the service society, or: We will collectively build the camp up and take it down again within the two weeks camp period.

A more theoretical approach will be undertaken with two conferences: on the organizational structures of the international climate justice movement, and on strategies for actions of mass civil disobedience. More information coming soon!

To enable all of this, we are still looking for help with all the preparation going on in advance. We are currently working only in German, but if you are interested in joining our team, please get in touch at klimacamp-im-rheinland [at] and we can see if we can figure out a solution for translations. There are lots of different short and long-term tasks, ranging from public relations to logistics to finances, and now is a great time to get involved and learn lots of new stuff! Motivation and a bit of time is all you really need to have 😉

We are meeting at the following dates:
20.-22.4. (probably Wuppertal, Germany)
10. – 21.5 (a week for planning and getting to know each other. The assembly itself is from 19.-21.5, all of this will take place in the Wendland, Germany)
15.-17.6. (place not yet decided)
13.-15.7. (place not yet decided)

In between meetings, we work with mailing lists, group phone calls, and online tools.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
The organizers of Klimacamp im Rheinland / Climate Camp in the Rhineland

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  1. Früher gabs das auch auf deutsch! Jetzt nicht mehr? Kommen mehr Nichtdeutsche und organisieren mit?

  2. Hallo Norbert, die Seite gibt es auch komplett auf Deutsch, einfach oben rechts in der Ecke umschalten. Beste Grüße!

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