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10th Climate Camp Rhineland – a short review

That’s how fast it can go. From field to camp – and back again to a field in only 12 days. The 10th climate camp in the Rhineland took place from 15th to 27th August on the well-known site at Lahey Park near Erkelenz. Now it’s over again – and we try to record what happened here at the camp in a few key points.

  • 600 participants were at the camp at peak times.
  • For 12 days, the field became a place of encounter, meeting, reuniting, exchanging and networking
  • 3 main topics were filled with life through workshop offers
  • 12 Camp-Working Groups founded themselves before and during the camp in order to get processes and infrastructure up and running and maintain them
  • 22 toilet cleaning shifts were mastered by 5-8 persons in each case to keep the camp free of evil germs
  • 44 tents gave protection from rain, wind and sun and made the camp our home.
  • 2 circus tents brought colour and shade into the tent landscape
  • 3 kitchens, crepes and pizza stands provided the physical well-being and tasty vegan food.
  • 3 Kwp solar panels supplied us 24/7 to 100% self-sufficient with solar power
  • 18 compost toilets ensured the ecological relief
  • 72 cubic meters of water were consumed totally corresponding to less than 15-20 litres per person per day
  • 4 showers have been enough to give everyone the opportunity to freshen up
  • 33 times the camp was reported in the media
  • 17 impulse lectures gave a daily thematic impetus for the day
  • 3 conferences were hosted at the camp and planned actions and strategies for the coming months (#by2020weriseup)
  • 5 roadblocks have for several hours the access roads to the
  • Garzweiler opencast mine blocked, disrupting operations
  • 2 bicycle demos connected the camp with the Garzweiler II open pit mine and the residents in the threatened villages
  • 15 small groups went through the surrounding countryside and showed their opinion about the coal mining
  • 1 critical village walk / demo led the participants over 12
    km through the surrounding villages to find out about the health damage caused by the coal mining to report
  • 8 great evenings full of readings, concerts, theatre and social events enriched living together
  • 1 exciting anniversary celebration showed us the highlights of the past 10 years climate camp in the Rhineland, with funny anecdotes and exciting stories.

The bottom line is that the sum is huge! It was a great, informative and enriching camp. It was great that you all made it so wonderful. If you now feel like getting involved in the preparation of the next camp, feel free to write to us at *klimacamp-im-rheinland[ÄTT]*.

By the way, we have put together a collection of pictures where you can review this year’s camp again:

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