From August 24-28, 2022, the Climate Camp X Lützerath will take place in the Rhenish lignite mining area!

Before we provide you with details and information about our camp, we would like to draw your attention to a topic that is particularly close to our hearts:

Discrimination has no place at Klimacamp X Lützerath and we reject it in any form. At the same time, a discrimination-free place is an absolute utopia according to everyday social realities. This also applies to Klimacamp X Lützerath, where we would like to deal with this reality as responsibly as possible.

We recognize that climate justice movement events in Europe are primarily white, cis-male dominated spaces. Our organizing team is also predominantly white. We understand and acknowledge that these circumstances are conducive to racist, sexist, and generally discriminatory behavior, and that our events cannot be free of such behavior. However, we want to do everything in our power to make our spaces as discrimination-sensitive as possible. If you are affected by discrimination and see opportunities for improvement at our events, please reach out to us and we will be happy to listen.

For this purpose, there are safer spaces for BIPoC and FLINTA* at our events, as well as thematic workshops, an awareness team and an awareness concept that was developed together with and by BIPoC and FLINTA*. The awareness concept will be discussed and multiplied at our events. We will stand in solidarity with those affected by discriminatory acts and act in their interest. At the same time, mistakes are human and necessary for learning experiences. In doing so, we recognize that these learning experiences are always made at the expense of the person discriminated against. So we can only open a learning space if people who use violence behave in an appreciative way and otherwise we have to consider further measures. We would like to encourage you as visitors of the climate camp, who are not or only specifically affected by discrimination, to inform yourself about (other) forms of discrimination. Before the camp or at the latest at our camp you should attend at least one relevant anti-discrimination workshop.

Next fall, Lützerath is in danger of demolition – again. At Climate Camp X Lützerath, we want to use the space to work together to take the climate justice movement in Germany to the next level. This is the opportunity to combine skillshares, solidarity and empowerment with protest against RWE and the current government climate policy!

  • What: Climate Camp X Lützerath
  • Where: In Lützerath, Erkelenz
  • When: 24 – 28 August 2022
  • Who: all of us
  • Why: Resist against climate catastrophe, state, RWE and system

What can you expect at the Klimacamp X Lützerath?

Lützerath: In the last two years, the hamlet has grown into a vibrant and diverse village. Get connected to one of the most important places of the climate justice movement and experience what life at the Garzweiler II open pit mine feels like!

Together with various initiatives, we are putting together a diverse program at the end of August: people from MaStaMo, Klimacamp im Rheinland and Lützerath Lebt! have joined forces and would like to highlight some key points:

  • Anti-discrimination: It is the responsibility of all of us to free ourselves from learned patterns of discrimination. Therefore, we are preparing a series of offers that will help you reflect on and overcome corresponding patterns of thinking and acting.
  • BIPoC Empowerment: Discriminated and marginalized groups, as well as those most affected by climate change, will find spaces for networking and empowerment. This will include daily non-white workshops and retreat spaces.
  • Your learning space: in addition to the prepared program, the camp thrives on your contribution. We invite you to bring your own skills and share them with others. Movement, craft, theory, tinkering, hobbies, thinking sessions, methods … make the camp yours too! Self-organization is the basis of our movement.
  • Building up what keeps us going: Even before the camp period, building will begin. It is the responsibility of all camp participants to create the necessary structures in time. We therefore cordially invite you to already come to the construction.
  • Camp-Care: It is important to share care work fairly. We want to eliminate the unequal distribution in the fulfillment of basic needs between the sexes. In particular, male-raised participants may feel called upon to do work such as flushing, emptying toilets, helping the KüFa with cooking, etc.
  • Awareness concept: In order to make the Klimacamp X Lützerath a safe space for everyone, we are constantly improving our awareness concept.
  • Convivial environment: Let’s celebrate successes, meet friends and develop utopias: At bonfires, concerts, raves, shared meals and in the evening on the rampart at the edge with a wonderful starry sky.
  • Flat hierarchies: We design the camp together and organize together a place with a claim to freedom from domination. You will always have the opportunity to get involved, take responsibility and draw attention to problems.
  • Corona hygiene concept: We ask you to come to our camp tested and to familiarize yourself with the corona protection and hygiene concept of Lützi Lebt.