Climate Camp in the Rhineland 2017

2017 will see another Climate Camp! From the 18th till 29th of August there will be networking, education, arts and actions… and trying out tomorrow’s society right now – social, ecological and based on grassroots democracy.

At the camp the Degrowth Summer School will take place for the third time, where the concept of degrowth is put into action: By learning practical skills and analyzing political and economic developments.

We still need to become more people in order to organize all this. If you’re interested in joining the organizing teams of the camps, please contact klimacamp-im-rheinland(ätt) or join our next plenary.

Next  meetings:

25th to 28th may (somewhere central in Germany)

21th to 23th july (cologne, Germany)

Everyone who is interested in joining the preparation process is very welcome. For a better planning, please register for the meeting (klimacamp-im-rheinland(ätt)

What’s the Climate Camp?

Climate Camps are the heart of the climate movement. Just like at other Climate Camps, in the Rhineland we will be….
living alternatives together: anti-authoritarian self-organisation, our own energy supply, compost toilets, music and much more!
creating networks. At the camp it’s not only people who meet, but also movements.
educating ourselves. There will be courses, workshops, open space, panel discussions, spaces and events for children and teenagers, and a cultural programme. We will deal with a diverse range of topics, from theoretical analysis of climate change to practical stuff like building a windmill.
developing actions. There have always been actions protesting against coal over the last few years at the Climate Camp. This year, after the Degrowth Summer School has ended, the ActionLab will be a guest at the Climate Camp.

What’s the Degrowth Summer School?
This is the third time the Degrowth Summer School is taking place at the Climate Camp. Last year’s focus was on learning skills for system change. The Summer School consists of courses that run for 2 to 4 days in which a stable group works on a specific topic. For further information, check the Summer School homepage.

We want a good life for everyone!

Why in the Rhineland?
Every year since 2010 a Climate Camp has taken place in the Rhenish lignite mining area. This coal field is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in all of Europe. Still people are forced to resettle and villages and landscapes are destroyed, all for coal mining. In addition to the Climate Camps, the Hambach Forest has been occupied since 2012. In 2015, the action “Ende Gelaende“ was a peak of the climate movement: more than a thousand people occupied a coal mine for one day.

About the climate camp 2016

You can find pictures from the climate camp 2016 on Flickr, Videos on Vimeo