Bar-Camp Method

What‘s a BarCamp?

At the Connecting Movements Camp we want to create the program of the camp together with the so called Bar Camp Method. The BarCamp Method is an open space format in which all of people participating can propose, facilitate and conduct workshops, talks, discussions etc. by themselves. It takes place in a commonly used venue. Thereby, all the people at place can share their knowledge, interests, experiences and questions and share it with each other.

We meet in the morning to collect topics, subjects and proposals and then arrange them in the daily structure with times and places. Doing it this way, the „normal“ hierarchy between experts and listeners/participants is being dissolved and knowledge hierarchies are being dismantled.

It is very common to use digital media in order to share the content with people who cannot physically participate in the BarCamp.


How does it work?

In a common meeting or/and at a display all people being at place can write proposals for workshops, talks, topics etc. It‘s very important that you don‘t have to be an expert on the field that you‘re proposing and in which you would like to immerse. It‘s fair enough to propose a topic that you haven‘t been involved in so far. All proposals are collected, clustered and conducted in self-organization according to general topics, wishes, and the daily structure of the camp. In the evening, when the workshops are done, we will meet again and present each other what we‘ve learned and done today.

Hence it would be awesome if you could already bring to the camp material, texts, other media or thoughts and topics that you‘ve always wanted to discuss in a wider group; inputs that you would like to share with others, new methods, stories or whatever you could possibly imagine. Like this we can create a place that is full of experiments, empowerment and self-organized learning.