Programme “Structures for Change!”-meeting

From Wednesday 15th of August 2018, 10.30 am
to Friday 17th, 1 pm

10.30 am – 1 pm Opening Session: Challenges and Blind Spots in our Movements
Getting to know each other, reflecting the structures of the present climate justice groups, and deciding on topics for the open space

1 pm LUNCH

2 – 2.45 pm Affinity group meetings

3 – 18.30 pm Open Space I
with discussions and working groups on topics like “Tools for Decision-making; How to be inclusive and open to new people?”; “Power and Privileges in our groups; How to collectively deal with trauma and grief”; …

9.30-10.15 am Intermediate Session: coming together, sharing important information and new ideas for open space topics

10.30 am – 1 pm Workshops
1) Care and Community Resilience
2) “No group without a conflict” – Conflicts as a challenge and how to deal with them
3) Somatics and Social Change – How to develop resilient, vulnerable and powerful bodies
4) Lokal- und Klimagruppen-Gründung
5) Performance bullshit in radical organizing / Leistungskack in linksautonomen Zusammenhängen
6) probably: Sustaining Resistance
7) probably: Out of Action

1 – 2 pm LUNCH

2 – 2.45 pm Affinity group meetings

3 – 18.30 pm Open Space II

10.30 am – 1 pm Closing Session: Resisting and Solidary Structures for Change
Bringing together the loose ends and open questions, sharing visions and experiences. What have we learned? How to bring those ideas into our groups?